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The first premium weight loss tea made from all-natural Sencha tea powder. See why Sencha Tea is the evolution of weight loss teas

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what makes us different?

Premium Sencha Tea

Sencha Tea has the most fat burning EGCGs and anti-oxidants of the green tea varieties. We found the best Sencha the world has to offer to make SenchaFit to help you live healthier

Pure Sencha Powder

We mill our Sencha leaves into a fine powder so using SenchaFit is easy! Mix it right into water, shakes, oatmeal, the possibilities are endless. Nutrition on the go

Committed To You

We don't offer "detox plans" loaded with harsh ingredients that take the natural out of "all-natural". SenchaFit is an every day nutritional supplement so you can make healthy living a lifestyle, not a plan. If you don't love SenchaFit as much as we do, you can send it back, risk free, hassle free

Reduce Stress

Sencha tea is packed with antioxidants like L-theanine to help your mind & body relax after a long day


Incorporate Sencha Fit into your diet regiment to improve overall health & fitness

Wholistic Fitness

Drink Sencha Fit for the perfect dose of vitamins to help keep your mind and body healthy!

Why wait? Lose inches off your waist now!

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