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Organic, premium grade Sencha tea powder. More antioxidants and fat burning EGCGs than Matcha. Ancient teas for the modern lifestyle.

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The SenchaFit Difference

Nature's Premium Green Tea

Sencha tea has 180x more antioxidants than brewed green teas and 30x more than black teas

Stone Ground Sencha Powder

SenchaFit is 100% organic Sencha tea leaves ground into fine powder

Experience Calm Alertness

66% less caffeine than coffee means you're alert, energized, and at your best with no crash

Sunlight Is The Key

Sencha teas are grown in full sunlight with no shade covering. The tea uses the power of the sun to produce more anti-oxidants than any other green tea

Powdered Perfection

Whether you're a top chef or a master mixologist, SenchaFit's fine powdered Sencha is versatile, delicious, and by consuming the whole leaf you'll get all the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants the tea leaves have to offer

Bust Stress With Sencha

Sencha tea is packed with antioxidants like L-theanine to help your mind & body relax after a long day


I felt great, more energized than usual and not feeling bloated at all! I’m pretty convinced that if I drink this tea regularly with a proper diet and exercise, I’ll definitely lose some weight!

Ana B.

My family has been drinking SenchaFit tea for a week every evening and I can definitely say...It has a really relaxing effect on the body


I feel great and don't feel as bloated...I definitely feel my metabolism going up! I'm more energized and feel a whole lot better overall!!!


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