The Science of SenchaFit

Hello and welcome to SenchaFit’s second blog! Despite being two weeks post launch, things haven’t calmed down a bit! We’re still busy getting the word out about SenchaFit and making new and exciting plans for the future! But before we ruin any surprises, we noticed we’ve been getting some questions about just what is SenchaFit and how does it work. We thought we could use our next blog post to dive a little into the science behind SenchaFit, but I promise you won’t need a chemistry degree to get some valuable fitness insights. Let’s get started!

SenchaFit is organic, premium grade Sencha green tea which is milled down into a fine powder, no fillers, no “fake” natural ingredients, and nothing to give you a stomach ache (unlike those chemically filled supplements!). Sencha green tea itself was originally cultivated in Japan and has been enjoyed for hundreds of years throughout East Asia. Sencha tea uses the power of sunlight to produce all of the amazing nutrients that make it a perfect weight loss and exercise tea, and the higher up on the stem the leaves grow, the healthier and better tasting they are! If you want to know more about Sencha tea, check out the “Our Sencha” page where we give a thorough overview.

Now how does all this help you get the most from your workouts or help you to lose weight? There’s a careful combination of some amazing nutrients and anti-oxidants that make SenchaFit tick, let’s dive into some science!

  • Caffeine is naturally occurring in green tea and gives you energy and alertness along with a small metabolic boost. Green teas are lower in caffeine than black teas or coffee so they don’t cause the same kind of jitters that are common with coffee or stronger stimulants
  • L-Theanine is a rarely found antioxidant which promotes a sense of “calm alertness” along with the caffeine. Instead of the energetic jitters, L-Theanine gives you a more attentive and energetic state without the crashing feeling of excessive caffeine intake. What’s even better, L-Theanine can also help the body attain a deeper state of relaxation so when taken later in the day it can be perfect for helping you unwind and clear your mind before bed
  • Epigallocatechin gallate”, better known as EGCG (easier to say too!) is the key to it all. The EGCGs in SenchaFit interact with the caffeine to create a metabolic boosting effect which increases your calorie burn during and after exercise. Several scientific studies have even shown a link between EGCG intake and increased “stored calorie burn” which means more calories being burned from fat! Sencha green tea has more of these EGCGs than any other naturally grown tea thanks to the way the Sencha tea is grown. SenchaFit is packed full of EGCGs so whether you’re looking to burn some fat, power through your workouts, or you just want a delicious addition to your healthy routine, SenchaFit is for you.

The next question we get asked is: “Why powder?”.  You may have noticed that other weight loss teas are all loose leaf, while SenchaFit is a powdered supplement. It’s not just about how it looks, there’s a science behind the powder form too!  Once the finest Sencha leaves are selected they’re stone ground into a powder for a few reasons.

  1. It’s just so much easier to use! Steeping tea is an art and really who has time for that? You can easily mix SenchaFit powder into your favorite drink or right into your morning oatmeal or baked dish! It’s really only limited by what you can think of.
  2. The amazing nutritional benefits are in the tea, not the water! When you steep teas a little bit of that goodness steeps into the water but the rest stays in the leaf/tea bag and gets thrown away! When you drink powdered Sencha you get all of those antioxidants and EGCGs, no waste, no mess, and no clean up!

Lastly we’ve had a few questions about what  our “detox” plans are. The 40g container of SenchaFit lasts about a month but that doesn’t mean it’s a “28 day detox”. We don’t offer detox plans for one simple reason, SenchaFit wants you to live a healthy and happy life and that’s not a detox. I’ve seen several of my own friends get really excited for their detox to start, only to completely lose interest in the “#fitlife” right upon finishing. That’s not health and that’s not sustainable. SenchaFit is a healthy addition to your diet, no matter what your goals, no matter what your timeframe. We hope you’ve been enjoying the first few weeks of SenchaFit as much as we have. There’s plenty more to come and as always Contact Us with any questions. We are here for you! Remember we are still running a promotion for first time email subscribers, sign up for your coupon and try SenchaFit today!


-SenchaFit Team