Why We Started...

Hello and welcome to the first ever SenchaFit Blog Post! We’re hard at work getting everything ready for our launch, which is still about two weeks away. It feels like everything has been on overdrive since we made the decision about five months ago to get started. One thing rolls into another and all of a sudden the dream is very close to becoming a reality! Before we get too wrapped up in launch day madness, we wanted to take a minute to reflect and share why we wanted to get started in the first place.

SenchaFit has been a dream of ours for quite a while. The team at SenchaFit have all been touched by health and fitness in some way over the past decade. For me personally, finally getting serious about fitness has been a life changing event. Actually being able to attain goals that I have set for myself in the past (but never thought I could reach) was an incredible feeling. Within months of starting and being consistent with diet and exercise, I found myself setting new goals because the original goals weren’t high enough anymore! Finally, being at a point where I felt healthy, stronger, and more confident spilled over into every aspect of my life. I began to feel better about myself, my relationships and my career, and that confidence is what gave me the courage to help start something like SenchaFit.

Our team all has similar stories, although fitness has always meant something different to each of us. We took a look at all of the great things about the fitness industry that we wanted to be a part of, people helping and motivating each other, and doing things they may have never thought possible. Unfortunately, we also saw a growing dark side of the fitness industry that was being widely adopted as mainstream: Photoshop, quick fixes, detoxes, and overall unreal portrayals of someone who was physically and mentally fit. We started to ask the question: how can we help people achieve the good and amazing things that fitness has done for us, while doing our part to combat this growing dark side? Ironically, we thought about these questions during a late night brainstorming session over a cup of, that’s right, Sencha tea. It was like the answer was staring us in the face all along.

We’ve all seen the quick fix detox teas out there and maybe we even know someone who has used them personally. I could bore you with some of the science behind water retention in the human body, but this is supposed to be an exciting time of new things so I’ll leave the boring stuff for a less inspired blog (that someone else on the team writes)! I’ve seen some pretty impressive things happen as a result of flushing out the water weight through these tea detox cleanses but I’ve also noticed two things happen. Imagine you’re seeing these great results, feeling healthier and more energetic and then BAM, your 28 day plan ends. Then it’s back to business as usual and all of a sudden health and wellness has an almost New Year’s resolution feel to it, another unfulfilled promise we made to ourselves. Of course you could buy another 28 day cleanse but what are all these warnings about not taking too much and having to cycle off for a while? The second piece of the puzzle we noticed was these “all natural” ingredients that contained low grade fillers (like guarana) and came with all these “don’t drink too much” warning labels. We even saw one that advised pregnant women to stay away! Now, I’m not a dietician by trade but an “all natural” tea telling me that if I drink too much bad things will happen to me doesn’t sound all that…well, natural.

It was around now when we started to realize that our cup of Sencha tea that had long gone cold was the answer all along. What if we made our own concentrated, pure Sencha tea and removed all of those additives that would prompt such an intense warning. Sencha tea contains the most EGCGs, nature’s fat burner, of the green teas and tons of other antioxidants and vitamins, all with amazing benefits. Why add anything when nature already got it right? So how could we improve on nature’s already nearly perfect design? Simple, we grind it up and make it easy to enjoy. Now all we had to do was scour the world for the finest Sencha tea available and find a way to get it to you. Our adventures took us to some amazing places but we’ll tell you about those in another blog!

We have a simple mission at SenchaFit: good health for life, not just for a “detox plan”. We will never offer a detox or cleanse, and we will never fill our teas with dangerous, low quality additives. Our offer is simple, only the best Sencha tea for your weight loss journey. We’re excited about the future here at SenchaFit and we hope you will join us in the newest revolution in weight loss teas.

Until next time.

- SenchaFit Team