At SenchaFit we started with a clear goal, introduce the world to the flavor and benefits of Sencha tea and bring Sencha into the same limelight as Matcha tea. SenchaFit is organic, premium grade Sencha tea leaves milled into a fine powder for maximum taste and nutrition. We aren’t sure why anyone would want to complicate nature’s gift of tea and this inspired us to go out and return to the basics. Find only the top grade Sencha tea, the best leaves, all from the early harvests of the season.


We love teas and we’re crazy about the delicious and nutritious one two punch of green tea but we wanted to take that even further and unlock Sencha’s full potential. By milling the tea leaves first, we ensure that our teas are the healthiest they can be. Why waste so much of the vitamins, antioxidants, and EGCGs by throwing away your tea leaves? With powdered Sencha you can take advantage of the versatility and power that is the whole tea leaf by adding it to anything and everything you can think of!


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