Our Sencha

Sencha tea is the most popular tea in Japan, representing over 80% of total tea consumption in the country. Sencha’s popularity has exploded and the tea is now regularly cultivated and consumed all over East Asia and the Western World. The primary difference between sencha and other popular Japanese teas (matcha and gyokuro) is entirely in the cultivation of the tea leaf. All of the Japanese green teas come from the same plant, however, Sencha tea is grown in full sunlight and the top grade variety is harvested in the first or second harvest (called a "flush") of the year. Matcha and gyokuro are grown partially shade covered under an artificially constructed growing shade for the final several weeks of their growing cycle. 

The direct sunlight gives the Sencha a deep earthy, jade green hue which creates a greenish/gold tea when steeped. The increased sunlight leads to increased photosynthesis and the plant creates higher levels of EGCGs (which some studies have shown to burn calories and fat), antioxidants, vitamins/minerals, and amino-acids. The combination of nutrients all in a nearly calorie free form promotes relaxation, memory, and daily calorie burn. The increased calorie burn means that more fat can be torched away.

Now Sencha is already a delicious and healthy drink, but at SenchaFit we took it one step further. Our Sencha tea is ground into a fine powder and is mixed into a drink or your favorite foods for a blast of flavor and nutrition. When you steep a tea from loose leaves, you will only consume the water soluble vitamins/minerals because these are that will steep out into the water. But what about the rest of the nutrition the tea leaf has to offer? Normally these would stay behind and unfortunately be thrown away when you’re finished with your tea. With SenchaFit tea powder you are consuming the entire tea leaf and thus all of nutritional benefits that tea has to offer. Not only is tea powder more versatile, easier to prepare, and more flavorful, it’s also better for you!

While the powdered matcha craze has taken off and for good reason, Sencha tea and all of its benefits have felt a little left out. Here at SenchaFit, our mission is to bring you premium grade sencha tea powder, healthy tea for your healthy life. We don’t believe in “detox”, or “cleanse” crazes and we will never offer a detox program. We believe that good health is for life, not as long as your detox plan lasts. Our simplicity is our strength. One ingredient and one ingredient only, the highest quality Sencha tea powder available. No fillers or other questionably “natural” products will ever touch our tea. So go ahead and enjoy our tea on your schedule, not ours, mix it right into hot or cold water, add a teaspoon to your protein packed oatmeal, shake, or anything else you’d love to get a blast of natural tea flavor and nutrition.


We’d love to hear your ideas for SenchaFit, feel free to contact us and let us know how you like our tea.